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What is the Hangout?

Where live music and friendships create magic!!

The Hangout House Concert venue is the private residence of Mark & Colleen Fuchs, located in Sullivan, Missouri. We are avid supporters of Trop Rock music and independent musicians. When we host a house concert, we practice the “listening room” experience. We listen to the writings and stories of talented musicians and songwriters from all over the country. Of course, it usually turns into a party after the music is over!

A house concert is a place where independent musicians can be heard by music lovers that prefer to listen to the music, rather than hear music in the background while chatting with friends. A house concert is not a house party! It is an intimated experience you won’t forget!

The Hangout is equipped to host both indoor and outdoor shows. In the winter months we are usually limited to about 40 attendees and no limit for the summer shows. We have a swimming pool, and our attendees are welcome to take a dip, as long as they are respectful to the musician and other attendees, by keeping the talking & splashing down to a minimum.

There is always a suggested donation for the musicians. The Hangout makes no profit. We usually provide a meat or main food and ask everyone to bring a side dish or snack to share (not required). We also ask you bring your own beverage and favorite chair! PLEASE NO BOTTLES IN THE SUMMER AROUND THE POOL AREA!

We love to open our home and introduce our love of Trop Rock music to new people. It is our passion, and all are always welcome!

To attend one of our shows, you can RSVP on our Facebook page
We look forward to having you!

Upcoming Shows

Past Shows

Eric Sunshine Lee – March 20, 2021
Joe Downing – December 5, 2020
Rick Lamb & Steve Hopper – October 17, 2020
John Allan Miller & Band – October 2, 2020
Don Middlebrook – September 26, 2020
Donny Brewer – September 5, 2020
Paul Roush & Lance “Flipper” Steen – July 11, 2020
Jack Mosley – June 6, 2020
Jesse Rice – October 4, 2019

Contact Us

Mark & Colleen Fuchs
1595 Acid Mine Rd., Sullivan, MO 63080
[email protected]